Season composer at Concertgebouw Brugge

Upcoming season, I have the honour to be season composer at Concertgebouw Brugge. My music will be featured in not less then seven concerts, ranging from (really) old(er) pieces, as my violoncello miniature from 2005 or the opera Menuet, to new works for the Antwerp based Hermes Ensemble, cellist Arne Deforce, pianist Daan Vandewalle en guitarist Nico Couck. Looking forward!


Full recording of Eine schöne Müllerin

A full recording of Eine schöne Müllerin was put online. Thanks Live New Music Channel!

Fragments from Eine schöne Müllerin

I just uploaded some fragments of Eine schöne Müllerin. Great performance by baritone Thomas E. Bauer and the Spectra Ensemble conducted by Filip Rathé.

Recording of (…à suivre…) for piano and fifteen instruments

Happy to share this recording of (…à suivre…) for piano and fifteen instruments, excellently performed by Jan Michiels (piano) and I Solisti conducted by Etienne Siebens.

Some new cd’s available!

Last year, two new recordings saw the light. The Polish LutosAir Quintet made a new recording of Canto for woodwind quintet, and Benjamin Glorieux, Sara Picavet and Centre Henri Pousseur joined forces in a new recording of (…nada.) for violoncello, piano and live-electronics (2015). More info here.

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