Recording of …liebe Farbe. / (Tombeau)

Recording of …liebe Farbe. / (Tombeau) for fourteen instruments (2020/2021). Recorded live at De Bijloke Ghent. Beautifully performed by I Solisti conducted by Manoj Kamps.


Fragments of A Page of Madness

Two fragments of A Page of Madness (Teinosuke Kinugasa, 1926), beautifully performed by Revue Blanche, Tom De Cock and Gilles Doneux (Centre Henri Pousseur). Live recording made during the premiere performance at De Singel Antwerp (October 2020).

Recording of (Into darkness) for (electric) guitar and electronics.

Recording of premiere performance of (Into darkness), performed by Nico Couck (guitars) and Maarten Buyl (electronics). Years ago, Nico asked me to write him a solo piece for guitar. When Concertgebouw Brugge invited me to write a new piece for  the Angel Room, a space I connected in some ways with John Dowlands song ‘In darkness let me dwell’, pieces fell together. This resulted in an almost 20 minute piece for guitarist – alternating classical and electric guitar – and electronics.

Daan Janssens · (Into darkness) – for (electric) guitar and electronics (2020) – Nico Couck & Maarten Buyl

Video of the performance, including a short interview (in dutch)

Recording of (Paysage en attente…) for two piano’s and electronics.

Here you find a large fragment of (Paysage en attente…) for two piano’s and electronics. Recorded live during the Transit Festival 2019, performed by Pianoguide (Elisa Medinilla and Frederik Croene) and Centre Henri Pousseur.

Season composer at Concertgebouw Brugge

Upcoming season, I have the honour to be season composer at Concertgebouw Brugge. My music will be featured in not less then seven concerts, ranging from (really) old(er) pieces, as my violoncello miniature from 2005 or the opera Menuet, to new works for the Antwerp based Hermes Ensemble, cellist Arne Deforce, pianist Daan Vandewalle en guitarist Nico Couck. Looking forward!