Recording of Wie aus der Ferne

Great performance of Wie aus der Ferne, by Taeguk Mun & Noreen Polera during the semi finals of the 2022 Queen Elisabeth Competition at Flagey, Brussels.

Premiere of Wie aus der Ferne for violoncello and piano during Queen Elisabeth Competition Brussels

Wie aus der Ferne, a six minute miniature for violoncello and piano will be premiered during the 2022 Queen Elisabeth Competition. All 24 semi finalists will perform the piece. More info here!

A very nice version of cellist Constantin Heise and pianist Yukie Takai can be listened to here:

Cd recording of (Paysage en attente…)

Celebrating their 50th anniversary, Centre Henri Poussuer released a new cd recording with works of Martin Matalon, Jean-Pierre Deleuze, Gaëlle Hyernaux, Henri Pousseur, Luc Brewaeys, Malika Kishino, Jean-Luc Fafachamps, and a new recording of (Paysage en attente…) for two pianos and electronics (2019). Beautifully performed by Elisa Medinilla and Frederik Croene (piano), Centre Henri Pousseur, and recorded by Yannick Willockx.

Recording of (…en attendant personne…)

Happy to post this fragment of my 2020 orchestral work (…en attendant personne…). Initially, the work would have been premiered in March 2020. So glad the premiere could take place in January 2022, by the Flanders Symphony Orchestra – who commissioned the piece – and conductor Martijn Dendievel.

Recording of …liebe Farbe. / (Tombeau)

Recording of …liebe Farbe. / (Tombeau) for fourteen instruments (2020/2021). Recorded live at De Bijloke Ghent. Beautifully performed by I Solisti conducted by Manoj Kamps.