(…nuit cassée.)

For viola solo and four instruments (ca.7’) (2006/2006)

Commissioned by De Nieuwe Reeks

(…nuit cassée.) is the last part of a cycle (…Passages…) – (2005-2008) for various instruments – in which I rewrote/reworked/’overpainted’ the same musical material: succession of three or four notes; a short rhythmical movement; the relation between some musical and visual movements.

As the last part of the cycle, the form in which the material appears is based on musical ending figures (p.a. the ‘metamorphosis’ of sound into noise; the clarinet plays his last notes on crotales…)

The four small movements of the piece are all characterized by a rather soft sound texture, which is rarely constructive, but always seems to vanish, whereby the visual ‘sound’ becomes almost inaudible.

viola solo, clarinet, piano, percussion, violoncello

First performance:
24-02-2007, Leuven (De nieuwe reeks), Bram Bossier (viola), Spectra ensemble, Filip Rathé (conductor)

Score available on request



Nadar Ensemble, Daan Janssens (conductor) – Live recording Ghent Conservatory 22-06-07