Les Aveugles


Opera in one act after Maurice Maeterlinck,  text by Maurice Maeterlinck and Patrick Corillon (ca.55’) (2011)

Commissioned by LOD

For six voices (soprano, two mezzo sopranos, tenor, baritone, bass) and ensemble (flute (in C, alto flute, bass flute), clarinet (in B, bass clarinet, double bass clarinet), piano, percussion, accordion, violoncello)

de blinden / les aveugles

First performance:

20-03-2012, Le Manège, Mons, Vocaallab, Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles (cond. Filip Rathé), Patrick Corillon (scenography and stage direction)


Full recording, performed by Vocaallab & Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles conducted by Filip Rathé

Audio fragment: Scène 3 from Les Aveugles live at Concertgebouw Brugge (March 29th 2012). Vocaallab and Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles conducted by Filip Rathé.

Here, you can read a review (in dutch), written by Maarten Beirens.


Score available on request